• Website Client: Glenigan Emap
  • Website Project: Web design and front end development for business application.

Additional Website Design Info

Strategy: Initially the client facing application was split over three different websites. The plan was to merge all three in to one product. Using the most popular of the three applications as a base to build upon, my role was to deal with cross browser compatibility issues and aiding in the front end design and layout of new features.

Implementation: The CSS and HTML framework was gradually cleaned and recoded into a leaner codebase and this helped deal with most of the browser compatibilty issues. This aided in the updating of the graphic design and colour scheme which produced a more visually pleasing website.

Result: Working alongside the permanent back end development team who worked hard at doing what they do, the new product was successfully released on schedule and with the additional new features that had been requested.
This has been received well by the migrated subscribers, who have fed back that the new design looks good and that the layout now comlements the complexity of the application.