Les Bouviers

Les Bouviers
  • Website Client: Restaurant
  • Website Project: Increase website views and keep the website updated

Additional Website Design Info

Strategy: The idea was to increase the search engine ranking for specific and popular keywords that would increase the amount of traffic that the website would get. This increased traffic could then be directed in to signing up for a mailing list, and make email based enquiries to the resturant, to increase the interactivity and customer relationships.

Implementation: Complete overhaul of previous website as it was not a good search engine friendly platform to build upon. It was clunky, old and hard to update. Creation of SEF (search engine friendly) code base based on a brand new graphic direction. The second phase incorporated building in a contact form and newsletter signup. This has recently been added to by social media buttons. Training on the social media platforms has also been provided.

Result: The new website has increased in page rank and has also gained 145% more visitors on a monthly basis when compared to the previous views. July27 09 - Aug27 09 = 1683 views vs July27 09 - Aug27 09 = 2426 views The newsletter is now received by a large amount of clientele and is continuously building. The Social interactivity of the restaurant has increased, with regular updates on Facebook and Twitter and increasing amounts of followers

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